Clean Eating//Here’s to you, judgy park moms

It’s Sunday morning and its been raining on and off for days now. We’ve had some pretty shitty summer weather in Montreal so far this year. The kids have been indoors for way too long and cabin fever kicked in bright and early this morning. So out we went to the park before it started coming down again.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, we left the house as is. As is, meaning with the same bun I had in my hair since I woke up, paired with an Old navy t-shirt that may or may not have had baby vomit and peanut butter on it, and a pair of maternity leggings that make me feel better about myself for the time being. Its a park – a local park, might I add, that is literally across the street from us – not New York Fashion Week.

So, swings, slides, sand and all that fun stuff – my daughter was having a blast and even little boy came out of the stroller because HALLELUJAH he was in a great mood today and this mamma’s reaping the benefits by showing off his cute little face to the world.


Propped up in the grass, he’s learning to sit on his own and grabbing at everything and wait, whats that kid got in his mouth?? Grass, he’s eating grass. I didn’t let him actually eat it. But he’s pulling out fistfuls of it and trying to chomp away. He’s in an explorations stage of his life and I’m all for it! You know who isn’t all for it though?? The judgy park moms who happen to be lurking in the shadows not too far away. Most parks have them. You know, the ones who dress their kids in Ralph Lauren polos and Lacoste Tennis dresses to go play in sand. Screaming from a far: DON’T YOU DARE GET DIRTY! Seriously?? Why can’t we just let kids be kids? Im a firm believer in there being a time and a place for everything. The park may not be the best place to bring your kids if you’re gonna have a shit fit every time they start to run or climb.

Life is full of serious moments. These kids of ours will not be little forever, and both you and I know what adulthood has in store for them down the road. So for the love of God, let them gnaw on grass and find out on their own that it doesn’t taste great. Let them scrape their knees and explore. Let them dig through the dirt and play in the sand. Give them boundaries, but let them feel free enough to discover the big world around them on their own. ┬áBut most of all, while you still can, let them be little!

Just for the record, I held my tongue this morning at the park because children were around and so was my husband, who jokingly calls me his delicate little flower, because lets face it, I’m truly anything but. Its also no place for confrontation, even though the she-bitch inside me was screaming MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS! So when one of them yelled over, you know your baby’s eating grass right? I politely answered, yup, thank you! You see that little girl next to the swings eating sand? She’s mine too.

Be nice to each other.

Happy Sunday!


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